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woman and her boyfriend all the way in afghanistan to tears. that story coming up. >> such an extremely kind gesture. but let's begin with the harsh winter weather refusing to go away. even though it's officially spring now, our meteorologist ginger zee is here with the details. here we go again, ginger. >> again, and this happened in kansas city twice already for two big snowstorms and that's the target next. but first we have to look at denver and what it did there. let's start in denver where they had more than 5 inches. the roads just stayed wet, but you saw the soccer game at the top of the show. lots of snow coming down. denver, that's normal for march. they get a lot of snow in march. it is not normal to track east and go through kansas, illinois, parts of indianapolis, ohio and for the northeast right along the coast it's going to be one of those sloppy mixes again. rain/snow mix. let's see how much snow we're talking about. this takes us through monday at 8:00 a.m. in that 4 to 8-inch area. kansas city finds themself there. just in st. louis. annapolis may get a little bit more. this could be a historic
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snowstorm for parts of illinois and indiana as far as how late and heavy. severe weather another component from jackson to dallas. we're talking isolated tornadoes, hail, damaging winds all the way through northern florida, and that's where we find super heavy rain too. could see some flooding rains from tallahassee to jacksonville. if you can imagine, i have more coming up in the nation's weather but for now dan. >> all right, ginger, thank you. now, to breaking news on capitol hill. the u.s. senate pulling a rare all-nighter passing a budget deal for the first time in four years with tax hikes and budget cuts. it sounds reasonably constructive, but is it less than meets the eye? abc's reena ninan is in washington this morning. reena, what's the real story here? >> reporter: well, dan, you would think progress but really, not really. no republican senator voted in favor of this budget. and the republican-controlled house has their own very different plan. it's against the new taxes in this current senate plan, and it also calls for more spending cuts. the truth is neither budget plan will ever be put in, and despite all that, the senate leader
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sounded optimistic. >> i know everyone is exhausted, and you may not feel it at the moment, but this is one of the senate's finest days in recent years. >> it's hard to understand why he sounds so optimistic calling this one of the finest days. there's actually another cliff looming. can you tell us about that? >> reporter: that's right. the senate and the house will have to reconcile their differences. if they don't, surprise, surprise, there will be another showdown likely in august over the debt limit. >> your government at work, ladies and gentlemen. >> that's right. >> reena ninan, thank you for your reporting this morning. a lot of other news breaking overnight, and for that, as always that back to our resident skeptic, ron claiborne. >> i don't know why you say that, dan. anyway, good morning to you, dan and bianna. good morning, everyone. we begin with an historic meeting in italy this morning, pope meeting pope or former pope. the new pope francis is having lunch with his predecessor pope benedict at the papal residence in castel gandolfo outside of rome today. it's the first time a meeting like this has taken place in
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possibly 600 years. that is the last time a pope resigned. benedict will eventually live in a monastery inside the vatican. and president obama is wrapping up the first overseas trip of his second term in jordan today. the president is visiting jordan's most popular tourist attraction, the fabled ancient city of petra. mr. obama said he is concerned about extremists filling the void in neighboring syria if president assad is overthrown. he also said he will, quote, keep plugging away, unquote, in hopes of restarting peace talks between israel and the palestinians. and lawmakers in north dakota have passed what could lead to the most restricted abortion law in the nation. they passed a resolution that says life begins at conception essentially banning all abortions. voters will next decide next year if they want to add that to the state constitution. if it were to pass, that law would almost certainly trigger a lengthy legal battle. and a frightening scene in a restaurant in philadelphia, pennsylvania. police are asking for help trying to find this gunman
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firing into a chinese restaurant earlier this week. the workers inside managed to fight back keeping the man from entering the store while dodging imagine this bullets. three wounded. none of the injuries is considered life-threatening. and now to that storm that ginger was telling us about that wreaked havoc at a soccer game in colorado last night. the u.s. and costa rica played through a blizzard for their world cup qualifying game. the americans in their camouflage uniforms there in white were hard to see, and the officials had to use a bright yellow and purple ball so the players and of course the fans could follow what was going on in the game. the officials considered calling the game but decided to play on. >> this thing is where we were going to go early and then just take it back. the play with the conditions and the snow, all the way up past your ankles. it was difficult to see anything but courtesy of them, we got the game done with.
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>> rough conditions there but the u.s. ended up winning that game, 1-0 or 1-nil as they say in europe. and finally, one of the biggest upsets in the history of march madness, number 2 georgetown was stunned by 15 seeded florida gulf coast, 78-69, listen, i never heard of florida gulf coast but they exist, and they beat georgetown. they do exist, here's evidence of it. it was only the seventh time in ncaa history that a 15 seed has beaten a number 2 seed. there were -- think about this -- over 8 million brackets in espn's tournament challenge. not one of them -- not one is perfect today. >> on fire after that game last night. >> there you go. florida gulf. florida gulf? >> congrats to them. >> congrats to them. good luck the next round. >> thanks, ron. well, we turn now to a freak accident. an airport in alabama. a young boy was killed and four others were injured when they were pinned under a huge sign weighing hundreds of pounds. no one seems sure how this happened. abc's ty hernandez has the story. good morning, ty.
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>> reporter: a terrible story. the burset family was on their way home from a florida beach getaway when the accident happened. this morning they are still in birmingham praying for their mom heather burset, and they are mourning the loss of 10-year-old luke. stunned fellow travelers rushed to the aid of heather burset and four of her children pinned beneath this 300-pound flight status board at birmingham shuttleworth airport on friday. after the display, which took seven men to lift back up toppled over. its frayed wires yanked straight from the wall. >> you heard a lot of screams and a lot of people running. mostly you heard screams from the victims. the mother was in shock. the kids were crying. >> reporter: rescue workers quickly transported the family to a nearby hospital. heather burset in critical condition and serious injuries to her daughter and three sons. 10-year-old luke was declared dead shortly after arriving at children's of alabama hospital leaving many travelers here saddened and stunned. >> it would be very hard to
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believe that something like this would actually happen in an airport. you would think they would be more safe. >> reporter: one of the good samaritans tells abc news the massive block of steel and glass didn't seem to be securely fastened to the wall. >> we didn't see any mounting brackets. all we saw was -- all i saw was construction adhesive. >> reporter: now that the chaos has settled, airport officials are searching for answers. >> we're going through the facility to take precautions to prevent any future incidences from happening. >> reporter: well, the airport has since removed that display from the terminal while they investigate. in the meantime, a twitter account belonging to anna burset, one of the siblings trapped by that display, has been tweeting updates and says her two survivors brothers will be okay and suffering a concussion and broken bones and another family says that the mom, heather, is scheduled for more surgery on sunday. dan and bianna, back to you. >> we wish them well. ty, thank you. big health news this morning and a wake-up call about salt. a new study out of harvard says salt plays a role in the deaths
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of 2.3 million people a year across the world. >> and it also turns out that 10% of deaths here in the u.s. are linked to eating too much salt. for more on the study we turn to dr. tara shirazian of mt. sinai hospital. good morning to you, doctor. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> we spend so much focusing on the dangers of sugar. now these studies indicate that salt could be even deadlier. how alarmed as a doctor are you when you hear about these studies? >> i'm concerned. i'm definitely concerned. as you can see here on the left, this represents how much salt the average american takes in in their diet each day, 3400 milligrams roughly, compared to the american heart association recommended amount, which is 1500 milligrams, so we're eating far more salt in our diets than we should, and it's been linked to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and stroke. that's very concerning. >> so we all know the usual suspects, potato chips, french fries, et cetera. what are the surprising sources of salt in our diet, and what should we be eating instead? >> most surprising is that there
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is a large amount of salt in both bread and cheese. so we consume a lot of bread and cheese, so we should be wary of that and instead we should definitely focus on fresh fruits and vegetables. >> a lot of people are going to say, i don't want to have fresh fruits and vegetables. i like my bread and cheese. >> sure, everything in moderation. as long as we're conscious, health conscious food label readers, look at the label on our foods that we buy, prepackaged foods, and see the sodium content, i think, you know, that we try to keep it below those recommended levels. >> these studies suggest three out of four prepackaged meals for toddlers contain too much salt, as well. >> i know. that to me as a parent was somewhat surprising and alarming. so, again, reading those food labels is so important. some foods contain as much as 600 milligrams of salt. >> the addiction starts -- even now when i'm feeding my son i want to put salt on his food, no, no, we're not going to do that quite so soon. but these are alarming figures. >> definitely. >> all right. doctor, thank you very much for coming in.
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we appreciate it. >> thanks, doctor. now to something slightly less terrifying. the long lines and high hopes for tonight's powerball drawing. the jackpot is at $320 million. abc's gio benitez is out buying tickets right here in manhattan this morning. gio, good morning to you, sir. >> reporter: good morning, dan. it is exciting, isn't it? you said it. here you see it, $320 million, and that jackpot could grow before tonight's drawing. this morning, with so many people rushing to buy a powerball ticket, winning the jackpot may seem like an impossible dream. >> this is the lucky ticket. >> reporter: or is it? you might have a better shot in nailing the perfect march madness bracket, that's a 1 in 9.2 quintillion chance. odds of getting all six numbers tonight? just 1 in 175 million. >> better than march madness? >> reporter: better than march madness. >> no way. >> reporter: and if you're willing to settle for the paltry
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sum of a million dollars, it's just 1 in 5 million. would you be happy just taking the million? >> yes, i will. >> reporter: just here in new york, look at how many people became instant millionaires with that kind of money, seven just in the past three months. across the country, powerball paid out $2.4 billion in 2012. and not all of it is squandered on sports cars and mansions. >> god blessed us with this, and for some reason he put it in our hands, i think, to make sure that it goes to the right things. >> reporter: like the hills, who just last month pledged to use part of their 136 million in winnings to pay for a new fire station, ball field and more in their hometown of camden, missouri. >> we're all going to reap the benefits of their good fortune. >> reporter: well, what would you do with the money? >> what would i do with the money? i would definitely start to donate to organizations, several of them. >> reporter: so you would be one of the people doing something good? >> i would be one of the people doing something good.
7:12 am
>> reporter: and so there are a lot of people wanting to do something good, but a lot of people are also quite hopeful, but you know what, i think this is the winning ticket right here, and, bianna, it's all ours. >> yeah, it's the two of us. i'm your favorite here, right, gio? >> reporter: so let's see. let's see. >> all right. good luck to you. okay. well, it's probably safe to say that at some point in our lives, we've dreamt about taking a break and getting away from it all. maybe after winning the lottery. well, how about this? an old cold war bomb shelter for sale, and it's being billed as the ultimate man cave, and for a cool half a million dollars it's all yours. abc's john schriffen takes us inside. >> reporter: it's being advertised as the ultimate man cave and real estate broker hoyt murphy says it's not what's on the surface but below that counts. >> this is where you could have your theater room or antique car storage. >> reporter: the nearly 8,000 square foot underground lair was originally built by at&t in the late '60s as a bomb shelter in south florida. today, murphy sees it as a survivalist's dream home.
7:13 am
>> these are the two eight-foot-tall intake air shafts. >> reporter: while the pictures aren't so pretty, a little imagination and elbow grease could go a long way. just picture sprucing up this room with a pool table, bar and entertainment center. stockpiling this room with your prized video games or the ultimate stash of your favorite snacks and, best of all, using this space for your batmobile. well, more likely your sweet sports car. >> even though it's not functional anymore, you got to love the buttons. it looks like a science fiction movie set in here. >> reporter: with 30 inches of concrete protection and generators strong enough to power a small city, murphy says it's practical too. >> reporter: and for those in need of decking out a doomsday pad, specialized developers like the vivos group -- >> we'll get here. >> reporter: -- turned bunkers
7:14 am
like this into luxurious survivalist shelters like this. the type of makeover murphy envisions for this shelter that terrorized to move at just $500,000. >> the ideal buyer is going to be somebody not faint of heart or light of wallet. >> reporter: for "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news, new york. >> i don't know. it might cost another half a million dollars to renovate that thing. there's a lot of work that needs to be done. >> if i won the lottery, i might be doing something else with the money. over to ginger zee for another look at the weather. she said she had more bad news for us. we're look forward to that, ginger. >> i sure do. >> she says with a smile on her face. >> yes, if you smile, you make it all the better. i have something first that was cool. did you see it last night? a meteor in the sky anywhere from d.c. to philadelphia, reports were coming in. there is from delaware. so that's through and social media was really going nuts. a lot of people tweeting me photos. if you got them, please do send them to me at twitter or facebook. now, here's that bad news i promised with a big smile. all the cold air, that's right, is going to settle in. and you have to have it when you're going to make that snow
7:15 am
we're talking about? the center of the nation. this morning, 26 in chicago, new york city right above the freezing mark too, washington, d.c., not much warmer, and we're really saying where is spring? well, a very small sliver of spring, slash, almost summer in part of the country, and that would be in the southwest. los angeles will be 72. phoenix, 76. midland, texas, a real toasty 77. but look at laredo, everybody, let's take a little secret something, a trip down there. 94 degrees. just a little peek of heat. across the nation to give you an idea what's happening elsewhere around the nation, remember, the severe weather threat is right along the gulf coast. but out in the west, portland will be 52. the snow moves east into kansas city tonight and heavy rain, tampa, 80, so i guess we could go there but it would be rainy.
7:16 am
>> no matter you >> no matter where you look, snow, snow, snow. it has been such a snowy march. so i wanted to share a couple photos that make it look pretty. go to my facebook. you can find me at and that was from the adirondacks this week. and big flakes around ava, missouri. we always get nice pictures here from this twitter follower, debbie, and she just -- it can be nice, guys, the snow and all of the cold. >> yes, at some point you're right. >> it could be nice but it could also get old. >> do you know where there's spring? >> i do.
7:17 am
it's laredo, texas. >> and houston. >> the biggest smile, everybody with their big smiles. >> really? nobody delivers bad news like ginger. >> yes. >> thank you, ginger, appreciate it. now to make up for ginger, we have a simple story of kindness that has made a military couple go viral this morning with more than 2 million likes. >> it's right. an anonymous vet made a gesture of generosity to a woman whose boyfriend is deployed in afghanistan. he may have wanted it to be a secret, but it caught everyone's attention including ours. abc's rob nelson is here and what a great story. >> awesome story. good morning. it's one of those random acts of kindness you can't help but to be moved by. one soldier showing the loved ones of another respect and compassion all through a very simple gesture that has gotten plenty of notice. it was just a routine trip to this dunkin' donuts in arlington, massachusetts, but samantha ford ended up leaving with something far warmer than coffee. >> it took a while to take it all in, but i was definitely very emotional. >> reporter: tucked under the windshield wiper of her car was $40 and a white envelope
7:18 am
inscribed with this message. >> take your hero out to dinner when he comes home. thank you both for serving. >> reporter: the generous good-hearted soldier apparently had seen a bumper sticker on samantha's car that read "half of my heart is in afghanistan." >> i know my girlfriend is going through a hard time being back at home without me and to have something like that happen to her just made me very, very happy. >> you know, we talk to her quite often, and she's -- i think she's just been very strong through it all. >> reporter: samantha's boyfriend, albert desimone, has been stationed in afghanistan since september and is not allowed to say when he's headed home. but even a world away, the gesture lifted his spirits. >> i was happy, but then again like i had tears in my eyes just because to know there's still good people out there that do good things. >> reporter: the couple also posted a picture of the note and the money on facebook where nearly 2 million people liked it and more than 200,000 have shared the image. >> i don't think the military gets enough recognition, so, you
7:19 am
know, seeing this and knowing that people get it and people do support them, it's a pretty amazing feeling. >> you don't see it every day, but a lot of people do respect veterans and the soldiers and what they're doing over here. >> reporter: they came forward as a way of simply thanking a stranger who understands what they're going through and cared enough to show it. >> this story being out like this, i'm hoping it gets out to him because i would like to take him out to dinner when i got home. >> now, there is a facebook page called our deployment 101 where samantha posted her story and where it really went viral. it's a page where military families can share their thoughts and also offer encouragement to each other, but if that doesn't brighten your saturday morning, i don't know what will. it's a great story. >> it is. >> it really is. >> we're covering his face because he's special ops. >> right. he a part of the military that we couldn't give too many details out, but we wanted to get his story out but he didn't want to get his identity out there fully like that. >> doing great work. >> i'm glad the story went
7:20 am
viral. what a great story. >> coming up here on the broadcast, is this possibly the worst date ever? the guy who went way, way too far to impress his date. three-word hint for you, fake knife fight. >> you can't make this stuff up. also ahead, tall terror. a giraffe attacks a jeep full of tourists on a safari. and it's all caught on tape. so what caused the rare rampage? and puppy love. the first family's dog bo getting a marriage proposal. the video's gone viral. >> he's all grown up. ♪ i think i wanna marry you ♪ dis... ♪ po... ♪ sition ♪ like no one's... google -- great men named alfie? great men named kevin? ♪ ...watching you ♪ a moment ♪ a love, a dream...
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we put out the call for the perfect "gma" look-alikes. >> i want to have lunch with the george stephanopoulos look-alike. >> seeing double on abc.
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maybe now is the point to radio for help. >> maybe now is the time to radio for help.
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normally you'd think it's lions or rye -- rhinos you need to worry about on safari. look at this. a giraffe. what provoked that animal? how did the story end? we'll tell you. i'm dan harris. >> i'm bianna golodryga. i didn't snow they could run that fast. >> neither did i. >> scary video. good morning, everyone, saturday, march 23rd. also after a lot of guessing, britney spears is finally going public with her new boyfriend. we'll tell you about the new mystery man in her life. >> notice we didn't show his picture. we call it a tease in the business, ladies and gentlemen. robert redford is about to jump into action suiting up for the next big screen chapter in a comic book franchise. which one is it? we'll tell you coming up in pop news. >> he really is a legend. we'll begin with a legendary story of its own. for anyone who has gone out on a really bad first date, trust us, this takes the cake.
7:29 am
>> this man set up a scary attack, so he could come to the woman's rescue and be seen as a knight in shining armor. didn't quite work. abc's tanya rivero is here with the story. >> reporter: good morning, dan and bianna. we all know how tough first dates could be, but one arkansas man must have been suffering from spring fever if he thought what he planned was a good idea. at least it was a date she'll never forget. brianne coots says the date began nicely enough with a stroll down this picturesque trail at a local nature center, but it quickly went downhill when her date, 26-year-old jeffrey siegel, began texting furiously. >> i told him that it was getting cold and dark and that i wanted to go back to the truck. >> reporter: if the texting was annoying, what happened next was downright terrifying. >> somebody attacked me and my friend. >> i heard the leaves rustle. and a guy jumps up and he has this really big knife with him and i'm thinking, this is like actually happening. the guys comes at us. and he's liking you can go but
7:30 am
your girlfriend stays. >> reporter: without thinking twice, coots went running. >> i went off of this like cliff area, and i had caught some rocks at the bottom because it was dark. i couldn't see very well. >> reporter: coots managed to call the police on her cell. >> somebody attacked you? >> yes, please hurry. >> reporter: as they arrived, siegel emerged from the woods with a cut on his arm and chest. according to the jonesboro police report, siegel's wounds were suspiciously shallow, and during questioning, siegel finally admitted he had staged the attack in an attempt to impress coots. he told police he never intended it to go this far. it just really got out of hand very fast. as for coots, she says her dates with siegel are one and done. >> i could have easily broken something going off of that cliff, so i was definitely very upset. if you want to impress somebody, impress them with the good stuff you can do. i mean, buy people flowers, have a good job, have a good education.
7:31 am
>> and we reached out to siegel but so far no response. the jonesboro police say they decided not to charge him with a crime since he admitted to being behind the fake attack, but he is still in the dog house with coots. she says, dan and bianna, she will never speak to him again. >> okay, so clearly is not going to be a member of mensa. but isn't it flattering on some level for her? >> yeah, but she said, what's wrong with flowers. >> that's not flattering at all. >> stick to the tried and true. >> i doubt he will be the next bachelor contestant. >> you would not be flattered? >> no, i would not. i would be angrier than she is. thanks, tanya. now, let's turn to ron claiborne for a look at the other stories. what? >> for the record, that is not the worst first date ever. >> oh. >> really? >> for the record. i will say no more than that. good morning, america. in the news, america, the democrat-controlled senate pushed through its first budget in four years early this morning after pulling an all-nighter. the blueprint calls for tax
7:32 am
increases and budget cuts and sets up a showdown with the gop majority house which passed a very different plan. and the faa is closing 149 air traffic control towers at small airports around the country. starting next month the closures are part of those automatic budget cuts that went into effect on march 1st. it will not force any airports though to shut down. and one pilot didn't need a control tower while making an emergency landing in san diego. he managed to put his plane down on a highway after experiencing engine trouble. the small plane only shut down one lane of traffic. and, finally, the miami heat have extended the second longest winning streak in nba history. the heat won their 25th straight game last night knocking off the pistons of detroit, probably ginger's team, i'm guessing. they are now eight wins away from the lakers' record of 33 wins in a row. >> time now for the weather and over to the aforementioned ginger zee. >> you guessed correctly. go, pistons, but, i know. let's talk about the rain and thunderstorms right now happening in atlanta and will be
7:33 am
on and off throughout the day. so a stormy morning. there were heavy thunderstorms reported at the airport earlier this morning, and we're seeing again some heftier rain, but most of the severe storms are forecast to stay just south and along the gulf coast. along the stationary front that will ride here through jackson, tallahassee, remember, gets into that heavy rain later tonight through tomorrow too. it's not going to go away. it's a very wet and stormy system for much of the southeast, so nashville, get ready for some, and temperatures not all that warm. speaking of that, we're talking cold and cold not only settling in but sticking. look at all this cold air that filters in and stays. places like chicago should be 50 for an average high, 39 today. stays in the upper 3
7:34 am
>> this weather report brought to you by party city. so pistons. what do you guys like? >> you know what, i can't think about anything except for ron's worst first date of all time. >> i know. i know. >> i want to hear more. >> i really need to know. >> i'm going to do a whole series, believe me. >> ron claiborne, international man of mystery, thank you, ron. >> you're welcome. >> the most interesting man in the world. >> oh, yes, he is. >> i think you're right. coming up on "good morning america," safari scare caught on camera. what happened when a normally gentle giraffe went on an attack? and the new role for robert redford, hollywood legend. what superhero franchise is he about to join? ♪ got a plan for you for you ♪ [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles
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this is not exactly what you'd expect while on safari. you're looking at frightening footage of a giraffe on the attack against a group of tourists. >> this is pretty rare. i've been to africa. you don't usually see giraffes freaking out this way. it was all caught on camera. abc's nick schifrin is over in london with the story. hey, nick.
7:39 am
>> reporter: hey, dan, hey, bianna. this is no tall tale. they're usually the gentlest of giants, but it turns out there's one giraffe in the south african savannah who is willing to stick his neck out if you're driving by him in a jeep. it started as the perfect safari photo-op. up close with one of nature's most majestic creatures. >> we said, oh, that's nice, we can do pictures, and, you know, everybody was so excited. >> behind you and left. >> reporter: but then, uh-oh. the giraffe starts moving closer. the driver pulls away. >> maybe now is the point to radio for help. >> reporter: but as the jeep picks up speed so does the giraffe, all 13 feet, 2 1/2 tons of him. they try and get away, but the giraffe outruns the jeep sideswiping it at 30 miles an hour. watch again as that crush has the side mirror coming off. a run-in uncomfortably reminiscent to "jurassic park's" t-rex encounter. close encounters with the giraffe was filmed by rainer
7:40 am
schimpf. >> some of those scenes, you can see him looking into the car and trying to butt at the people. >> reporter: eventually they got away. and back at camp, silke ptaszynski inspected the damage. during these safaris, you might be worried about being attacked by a lion or tiger or bear. did you ever worry about being attacked by a giraffe? >> they look so cute. never in my mind did i think they could do something like this. that animal was just crazy. >> reporter: actually it turns out these graceful creatures are often fierce. look and listen to this discovery channel footage from its series "africa." those necks are 500 pounds each. this was filmed by dave telmotta. >> people tend to think of giraffes as nice, docile, sweet animals, and they generally are,
7:41 am
but they're designed for fighting. >> reporter: these guys found that out the hard way. okay, so you'll never guess what they're calling this area now, "giraffic park." sorry, i had to get that in. apparently the giraffe has a hormonal imbalance and they learned one thing, that a safari is not a petting zoo. >> we didn't know we needed a little bell here whenever that's on. >> i learned a lot. nat geo. thank you again, nick. coming up on "gma," christian bale's extreme makeover for his new role. you will not believe what he looks like. keep it here. "pop news" after a quick break. ♪ ultiple choice," come to walgreens for help finding the one that's right for you... like centrum silver. now, buy one, get one half off with balance rewards card. at the corner of happy and healthy. for over 30 years. and it's now the most doctor recommended, the most preferred and among the most studied.
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♪ >> d >> did you miss us?
7:46 am
>> we all know when that techno music starts that two things will happen. ron will start clapping. >> he is out of control. >> and rachel smith will magically appear. >> here i am. nice to see you again. so let's kick things off with some potentially marvelous casting news. according to multiple reports, oscar winner and founder of sundance film festival robert redford is in talks to take on his first comic book film, "captain america: the winter soldier." the iconic actor's rumored role may land him in a leadership seat an s.h.i.e.l.d. headquarters with nick fury played by samuel l. jackson, april 2014. how crazy is that casting news? >> wow. >> that's very cool. >> very crazy. >> yeah, from indy to main street. i'm really excited and surprised. all right. so can you say holy smokes, batman? actor christian bale was spotted on the set of the new david o. russell movie, sporting a beer belly and quite the combover.
7:47 am
check it out. >> wow. >> well, it's basically a far cry from the caped crusader. the actor is no stranger to changing his appearance for a role but he's usually dropping pounds like he did for "the fire," another movie directed by russell shedding 30 pounds for that part. >> he's a great actor. >> he does a great combover too. >> that's one fierce combover. >> right. >> what was that? >> that was cray. >> that was cray. >> let's hope britney spears has better luck with dating than perhaps our fellow partner in crime here. the 31-year-old, mom of two, was snapped leaving an l.a. mall hand in hand with her rumored new boyfriend, david lucado. she was first spotted with the 27-year-old law office associate on valentine's day. now, this comes just months after breaking off her relationship with boyfriend of
7:48 am
three years and co-conservator jason trawick. seems happy. if you thought high school students who sent out that youtube video to kate upton, if you think that was impressive, he may have been outdone by a dog. actually a golden doodle named ramona proposing marriage to first dog bo in a video that's since gone viral. among her dreams of becoming the first dog lady in the video made by the humane society, they're trying to raise awareness for their fund-raising efforts for animal shelters but bo was also invited to serve as a marshal for an upcoming event they have in may. unfortunately, though, for ramona, no word yet from bo or the white house. a white house wedding? >> maybe if she's a republican dog, the two can unite. >> finally. finally. >> by the way, when you're in new york it's pronounced dahg. >> oh, dahg. don't keep ramona waiting, okay? be a gent. >> and avert the next fiscal cliff. >> at its best. >> thank you for cheering us this morning.
7:49 am
we appreciate it. we'll be right back with more "gma." keep it here. wow, 10 days of allergy relief. i'm still claritin clear ! i've been claritin clear for 12 days ! when your allergies start, doctors recommend taking one clinically-proven claritin every day during your allergy season for continuous relief. 18 days ! 17 days ! i'm still claritin clear ! 22 days of continuous relief. live claritin clear. every day. take the claritin clear challenge: get continuous, non-drowsy allergy relief or your money back. go to for details.
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now, before we go, one more now, before we go, one more plea to bo obama. >> yes. >> please meet ramona. at least take her on a date. >> she's so beautiful. >> yes. >> she's gorg. >> we need to talk to george stephanopoulos on the show tomorrow to tell him to get his friends in washington to get
7:54 am
this done. thank you for watching abc. we're always online at on yahoo! watch "world news" with david muir later on this evening. good morning, i'm katie marzullo. santa clara county is holding a second gun buy-back event. last one netted more than a 1100 firearms. it will be until noon at reid hill airport on cunningham airport. the county is using money from a leftover event to fund this one. they will pay up to hundred dollars for handgun and $200 for an assault weapon. >> more than 200 people are poised to run up 52 flights of
7:55 am
stairs to the former bank of america building in downtown san francisco. it's the annual fight for air climb to benefit the american lung association. participants include bay area firefighters that will be dressed in full gear when they ascend to the top of the second tallest building in san francisco. funds raised will help people that is suffering from chronic lung diseases. let's check with forecast with lisa argen. >> lisa: good morning to you. just a beautiful shot. notice all the clear sky around the bay. numbers are in the 40s for the most part but we still have a few 30s along the coast and in the north bay. with plenty of sunshine today we've got high pressure once again in expand and that is going to keep the storm track well to the north. allow for occasional high clouds from time to time and dry today and tomorrow as temperatures
7:56 am
running from the upper 50s at our coast. look for 65 in san mateo. 70 in san jose. a little breezy out towards the delta but not as windy as it's been. just as nice weather tomorrow, but things change in the next seven days. >> katie: thank you. next on news at 8:00 breaking news three people have been shot outside a san francisco nightclub. we'll have at latest from the scene and a manhunt continues after woman is fatally stabbed in
7:57 am
7:58 am
>> katie: very good saturday morning to you all. i'm katie marzullo. let's start off with the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> lisa: good morning to you. take a look at live shot from high definition emeryville camera where numbers are in the low 40s and parts of emeryville, upper 40s elsewhere and we have another gorgeous day. wind have been breezy and that will back off to keep temperatures cool there. right now a few 30s and 40s around the bay. by this afternoon, we're talking upper 50s half moon bay, ocean beach with low 70s as you head down towards the hills. 50s in san francisco and the fog
7:59 am
is going to stay away tonight. more sunshine tomorrow. as we started the workweek, higher clouds, lower temperatures and maybe some rain. i'll detail that in a little bit. >> katie: we have breaking news, san francisco police still on the scene investigating a shooting at a nightclub early this morning. three men are in the hospital. one in critical condition. kiera joins us from brannon and rich street. >> acid police are still here. they are still diagramming the scene. they have three active scenes because it was a running gunfight. where it started in the alleyway a purple awning, that is 330 rich is where the club is. then it went from the alleyway into the street and ended in the parking lot across brannon. authorities have just

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